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Best Children Book Editing Services

Writing a children novel requires imagination. Editing it requires perfection.

Don’t worry, our ghost editing team assesses your children’s book against

  • Kid’s raw imagination
  • Publishing standards
  • Parental concerns


hildren book editing services by creative literary experts ensures your book publishes on the renowned e-book.


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Book Editing Service for Children

Are you unsure of the reception your children’s book will receive among the target demographic? Let the critical lens of our experienced editors and creative imagination of our reliable beta readers direct the success of your children’s book to every toddler’s delight.

Ghost Writing Experts is a team of 176+ members thoroughly review the text, illustrations, and themes of your novel for adequacy and amusement and refine it to juvenile perfection.

576+ novels found their way to every child’s shelf across AU over the past 5 years of our impeccable children book reading and editing journey. Yours may be the next!


The Worthwhile Process

The overarching expertise of Ghost Writing Experts in analyzing your drafts initiates the process of refining of your children’s novel to industry standards, demographics’ expectations, and children’s understanding and imagination.



Whether you channeled your childhood’s ingenuity, a toddler’s innocence, or the creative expertise of professional ghostwriters to write your children’s novel, a meticulous assessment of its content and themes remains imperative before publishers get their hands on your manuscript and brutally reject it on the first glance.



Upon careful scrutiny of your children’s novel, Ghost Writing Experts identify certain aspects that may require professional improvement. Then, our experienced children book editors put their impeccable redrafting techniques to use and revise your manuscripts without altering the original essence of your ideas.



We finalize our assessments by delivering a thoroughly edited version of your children’s novel: compatible with its demographics’ mindset, adjusted for parental concerns, and upgraded according to market requirements to ensure it becomes as a timeless favorite for kids and trending choice of publishers across AU.

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Delivering an appropriate children novel

Before publishers get hold of your manuscript, our online book reading for children and beta-reader testing come into play! Ghost Writing Experts leave no stone unturned in ensuring the fantastical adventures in your children’s novel take no detour in the land of an impertinent voyage or bewildering escape. 5+ years of experience in ghost editing and beta testing children’s novels qualify us to determine whether your book captures a child’s innocence, lights up their imagination, and satisfies their curiosities

Ghost Writing Experts goes the extra mile in consulting expert publishers and literary agents to upgrade our children’s book editing process and interview parents, teachers, and guardians to edit your children’s novel according to their expectations.


Looking For Professional Children Book Editors?

  • Ensuring every kid enjoys the novel of your imagination
  • Examining every detail of your book with 176+ diligent editors
  • Perfecting your novel with 5+ years of our expertise
  • Demonstrating our prowess with 576+ books delivered to kids’ approval
  • Altering the text and themes based on cultural implications and parents’ approval
  • Appeasing the imagination of every toddler across Australia and beyond
  • Adjusting your children’s book to spark the inventiveness of kids
  • Continually improving the editing process following industry practices

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