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Getting uptight about how your book will be perceived by the people?

Ghost Writing Experts might just ease your scepticism!

  • Critical review of your manuscript
  • Veracity in your work
  • Reader’s POV


eta reader testing service by accomplished individuals ensures your book publishes on the renowned e-book.


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Promising Beta Reader Testing Service AU

Shun the second thoughts about your manuscript and settle down as our professional beta readers provide you with genre-bending literary assistance. Our team of intuitive readers and bookworms cover all the grounds of your book in a thorough evaluation.

Successfully beta-testing 950+ manuscripts to meet publishers’ and readers’ approval over a period of 5+ years qualifies Ghost Writing Experts to provide you valuable opinions that improve the drafts of your imagination into an outstanding best-seller.


What We Do

Explore some of our most renowned literary works.


The Database

Ghost Writing Experts categorizes its beta-readers into specific groups based on their demographic, expertise, and interests. As a result, you can be sure that the most suitable individuals will read your book with attention and share their honest feedback and constructive criticism, which will be relevant in predicting its perception among the target readers.


The Reading

The reading sessions are strictly confidential, intellectually intuitive, and thoroughly rewarding. Ghost Writing Experts creates a safe space for beta-readers to review your manuscript independently and follow standard practices simultaneously to ensure your book receives an average reader’s viewpoint and perception from industry professionals.


The Report

We organize the valuable insights of our beta reader testing services in a conclusive and comprehensive report that summarizes the perceptions of your potential readers, the off-putting or irrelevant aspects of its content and themes, and relevant editorial-suggestions to lead the way for your novel to reach best-selling standards.

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Guiding your Editorial Decisions

Ghost Writing Experts recognize the objectives you might have in mind as an author. Therefore, we conduct an elaborate recruitment process with industry professionals to hire intellectual, accomplished, and compatible beta-readers who have extensive experience in offering freelance beta reader testing services. They form a target persona of your average reader and review your manuscripts with the same lens. As result, you can reinforce the connection of your stories, modules, and self-help suggestions with your genre’s specific readers and generate the praise your novel truly deserves.

Because we improve your book’s potential to resonate with an average reader, our beta testing becomes instrumental in winning the publisher’s approval as well! 695+ manuscripts have already found the top spot as the market best-sellers, your novel might be the next.


Looking For Professional Beta Readers?

  • A thorough evaluation of your story’s composition.
  • Careful examination of your writing’s reliability
  • Genre-bending writing support from expert beta readers
  • Meticulous assessment of your book on all fronts by qualified beta-readers
  • Pioneers of 250+ books finding 99% readers’ approval over 5+ years
  • Expert suggestions to turn your rough drafts into a fantastic best-seller
  • Improved connection-building potential of your words with target readers

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